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Thin Crust Pizza Comes to Kingston’s

Thin Crust Pizza Comes to Kingston’s

An exciting new chapter is coming to Kingston’s the introduction of our Homemade Thin Crust Pizza! We have long had the idea to introduce a high quality thin crust pizza to the business; however, during a trip to Italy last year it sparked our enthusiasm again. We decided to take a cooking course while on our Italian holiday that took us through the intricate process of making an authentic Italian style dough and tomato sauce. 

First pizza attempt made in a frying pan at home
First pizza attempt made in a frying pan at home

While Covid-19 caused us to shut our doors, it also provided a window of opportunity to perfect our dough and sauce and start the very tough task of taste testing! Not all the pizza was pretty at the start but we were committed to making it work.

First step was to perfect our dough. Our dough is made over 3 days following the traditional Neopolitan style starting with a preferment “Pastra Madre”  which matures for 24 to 48 hours. Then we make our “Autolyse” and mix the Pastre Madre into the Autolyse, before making our dough balls that are left to mature for 24 hours.

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Our dough balls maturing

Our sauce is made authentically from the best Italian San Marzano tomatoes, lightly seasoned and infused with fresh local basil. There are no additives or fancy stuff in our sauce.

Next up, sourcing the best toppings. We have sourced great topping from local artisan supplies like Toons Bridge to ensure great flavour.

Our pizza is served on locally handcrafted wooden boards, complimented by Erwin’s Special Chili Oil and Homemade Roasted Garlic Alioli Dressing

Pizza will be available Tuesday – Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm and Sundays from 1-9 pm. We currently aren’t offering pizza for take away but we are looking forward to offering take away in the near future.  

In light of Covid restrictions and government guidelines we will not be open just for drinks as we were before, we we will be open for pizza and pints from Tuesday July 14th.

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If you are planning on coming in, we ask that you reserve a table, to book your table please ring 0669761178.

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